Privacy policy

HOTEL GIMMOND Co., Ltd. (here in after referred to as our company)
The provision of customer’s personal information and management of that information will be as follows.

  1. The case when we ask you to provide personal information
    (1) Accommodation reservation
    (2) Registry for accommodation use
    (3) Application for restaurant
    (4) Request for information or brochures etc.
    (5) Others (purpose, contents, and handling of personal information for services other than the above will be clearly explained)
  2. Purpose of personal information use
    Personal information received from the customers will be used only in the following cases and for the below purpose.
    (1) Invoice for service use, as a receipt creation
    (2) When our Company needs to contact customers for any reasons
    (3) When there is consent from the customer
  3. Range of personal information collection
    Personal information received from the customers is the minimum necessary information for service provision, we will make it essential information and we will not require any other information as a condition for providing the service.
  4. Saving Personal Information
    Personal information received from the customers is a record of service provision, we will save it only as soon as possible after the storage obligation period under laws and regulations, we will abandon it promptly.
  5. Provision and disclosure of personal information
    Personal information received from the customers is carefully handled, except for the following cases, we will never offer or disclose to the third parties.
    (1) When a contractor who imposed confidentiality, obligation provides the services to the customers
    (2) In the case of customer’s consent
    (3) When requested under laws and regulations
    (4) When necessary to protect the serious property of individuals, corporations, or the public’s life, health, property, etc.
  6. Safety measures
    For the safety of personal information, we carefully handle documents concerning registered records, in order to prevent loss, tampering, leakage, etc., we will protect with a strict management and storage system.