Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I smoke in my room?
    We are sorry, but our rooms are all non-smoking room. You can smoke at the smoking space in a lobby.
  • Can you tell me about the cancellation policy?
    If you cancel your reservation, please inform us 48 hours before your arrival date.
    Late or un-notified cancellation may incur cancellation charge as below:
    ◆One day before of arrival : 20% of the first day accommodation rate
    ◆On the day of arrival : 80% of the first day accommodation rate
    ◆No-show : 100% of the accommodation rate

    If your reservation is made through travel agency, please ask them about the cancellation policy.
  • What time is check-in and check-out time?
    Basically, check-in time is 2:00pm and check-out time is 11:00am. It will be changed depending on your reservation plan.
  • Can I check in earlier?/Can I check out later?
    When you arrive earlier than 2:00pm, we keep your luggage.
    When you check out later than 11:00am, we will ask you to pay an extra charge as below.
    ◆until 3:00pm・・・30% of room charge
    ◆until 5:00pm・・・50% of room charge
    ◆after 5:00pm・・・100% of room charge
     (Room charge will be a rack rate)
    (You might not be allowed to check out later depending on the situation)
  • Can I leave my luggage before check-in time/after check out?
    Yes, we keep your luggage anytime before check-in time and after check out.
  • Is there a curfew?
    No, we are opened 24 hours. Please leave your room key when you go out everytime at the front desk.
  • Can I check in lately?
    Yes, we are opened 24 hours, so you can check in anytime. Please inform us if you arrive later than the time you have already told us.
  • Can I watch English TV program?
    We are sorry, but English TV program is not available, however if you pay 1,000 yen, you can watch English TV program on VOD(Video-on-demand).
  • Is there a refrigerator in a room?
    Yes. Please turn it on when you use it as we normally turn it off for saving electricity.
  • Can my child sleep together on my bed?
    If your child is under 6 years old, your child can sleep with you on your bed. Please bring pajamas and other amenities for your child.
  • Is there one room key for one room?
    Yes. There is only oen cylinder key for each room.
  • Can I get on the waiting list?
    We are sorry, but we do not accept it. Please check the availability each time.
  • Can I rent a crib?
    Yes. It costs 1,782 per night. We can provide a crib only in Twin room, Triple room or 4 beds room. Please inform us in advance when you need it.
  • Is there a public bath or a spring in a hotel?
    No. There is a bathroom in each room, and that is the only bathroom in a hotel.
  • I have an allergy to feathers. What can you do for me?
    We change a pillow and a duvet to non-feather one. Please inform us in advance.
  • Is there a conference room?
    We are sorry, but there are only guest rooms.


  • Can you tell me breakfast time?
    Italian restaurant opens between 7:00am to 10:00am(last call at 10:00), and Japanese restaurant opens between 7:00am to 9:30am(last call at 9:30).
    It might be changed depending on the situation.
  • My reservation is not included breakfast. Can I order breakfast?
    Yes. It is not necessary to make a reservation. Please go to the restaurant and order there directly.
  • My reservation is included breakfast, but we leave before the restaurant opens. Can I take it away?
    We are sorry, but we can only serve you breakfast in the restaurant.

Hotel Service

  • Can I use the internet?
    Yes. Each room has free WiFi service and a LAN cable connection.
  • Can I send my luggage to the hotel before we arrive?
    Yes. We keep your luggage until you check in. Please write a reservation name, check-in date and the address as below on shipping label. Valuables and dangerous items and cash-on-deliverly are not acceptable.
    Hotel Gimmond Kyoto, 595, Kikkoya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, 604-8105
    Tel 075-221-4111
  • Can I send my luggage to Kyoto station when I check out?
    Yes. It costs 1,000 yen per item. You need to apply by 11:00am, then you can pick up it between 2:00pm to 8:00pm on the date.
  • Can I send my document by fax? / Can I make a copy of my document?
    Yes. Sending a fax costs a fee for sending and 100 yen as a handling charge. Making a copy costs 20 yen for black-and-white printing, and 60 yen for color printing.
  • Can I rent a wheelchair?
    Yes. When you need it, please let us know in advance because we only have one.
  • Is there a vending machine? / Can I get ice cubes?
    Yes. We have a vending machine at the eleveter hall on the 2nd floor.
    You can get ice cubes at the front desk.
  • Can you keep my valuables?
    Yes. We keep it in a safe-deposit box at the front desk.
  • Do you have a washing machine in a hotel?
    We are sorry, but there is not a washing machine in a hotel, however we have laundry service. There is a laundry bag and a order sheet in a desk drawer in your room. In addition, there is a laundromat which is 5 minutes away from hotel.


  • How can I get to the hotel from the nearest subway station “Karasuma Oike”?
    It takes 3 minutes from Exit 3-1. Walk straight from Exit 3-1 after you get out the exit, then you will see the hotel on your right hand side on the corner before the 4th street from the exit.
  • Can you tell me the directions from Kyoto station?
    Take a subway Karasuma Line towards Kokusai Kaikan and get off at Karasuma Oike which is 3 stops away from Kyoto station. If you take a taxi, it takes 10 to 15 minutes and it costs 1,000 to 1,500 yen from Kyoto station.
  • Where can I park my car/bycycle?
    We are afraid that we do not have a parking space for car. We can show you a coin operated parking nearby. We keep your bycycle at free space of a staff entrance.
  • Do you have a shuttle service?
    We are sorry, but we do not have a shuttle service. Please use a public transportation.


  • Is there a convenience store nearby?
    Yes. There are 3 convenience stores which is 1 to 2 minutes away.
  • Are there any restaurants nearby?
    Yes. There are some restaurants such as Japanese, Sushi restaurant, Italian, Bakery, Coffee shop and more.


  • Can I buy a One-day Pass for bus and subway?
    Yes. There is a ticket vending machine at the elevator hall on the 1st floor. We sell One-day Pass for Bus or Bus&Subway for adult and child.
  • Can I go to the restaurants in my pajamas/slippers from my room?
    The Pajamas and slippers in your room can be used only in a room.


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