Replacement of air conditioner

June 8th, 2021

Thank you for your patronage to HOTEL GIMMOND KYOTO.

We are proud to announce the replacement of air conditioner in all guest rooms and facilities of our hotel.

We hope that your stay in our hotel will be more comfortable.


Season’s Greetings

December 31st, 2020

Dear Guests,

HOTEL GIMMOND KYOTO would like to thank you for your  patronage over this year and wish you a very happy and properious 2021.

This season is unlike any other past one.
Throughout the season, and as we move into a new and hopefully better year, we wish you moments of peace and happiness amid the diffuculties caused by the pandemic.
We sincerely pray that you and your family remain in good health.
Furthermore, we hope we all will soon get back to normal life early in 2021 and look forward to seeing you (again).

Best wishes for the new year!


Notification of Prevention of Infectious Diseases

To All Guests

Thank you for using HOTEL GIMMOND KYOTO.

For the purpose of prevention of the Coronavirus infection, reception staff will wear face mask.

Thank you for your understanding.

Notice of our new smoking booth

Thank you for choosing to stay at HOTEL GIMMOND KYOTO.

Our smoking area at the lobby has changed to SMOKING BOOTH surrounded
by glass and equipped with a ventilation system.
We have made up the environment for both of smoker and non-smoker.
We are waiting for your stay.

Thank you.

Regarding Accommodation Tax of Kyoto city

The Accommodation Tax system comes into effect on October 1st, 2018.
The following taxes will be added to the bills of those using guest rooms.

Room rate           Tax rate
Below     ¥20,000:    ¥200
¥20,000 or more:     ¥500
¥50,000 or more:     ¥1,000

The accommodation tax rate is based on per person per night.

For more information about the accommodation tax, please refer to HP of Kyoto city.

Regarding On-line booking system

Welcome to HOTEL GIMMOND KYOTO on-line booking system.

Thank you for your kind attention to our on-line booking system.

Exclusively for on-line booking customers, the special discounted
rates can be applied.

Via our simple, convenient and secure on-line booking system,
You can truly find the comfortable staying with the sophisticated hospitality

Thank you.

Contact in this regard

TEL: +81-75-221-4111  E-mail :

Free Wi-Fi is available !

Wi-Fi is available for free of charge in the rooms.
We are delighted to provide more comfortable stay.

Thank you.

Attention for passport copy

Dear Valued Customers

Welcome to HOTEL GIMMOND KYOTO On-line booking system!

Japanese legislation makes it mandatory that you, as a non-resident foreign guest, present your passport and have it Xerox-copied as well as having your nationality and passport number, in addtion to conventional information such as full name, address, occupation, etc. entered on the registration form.

Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.


Adults Children